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Infrenion Networks is a privately owned company founded in mid 2002. Earlier targeted to offer web hosting services to clients based in Singapore and Asia, Infrenion started as a small webhosting company, offering shared web hosting to customers in Asia. Powered with the best customer care service and excellent web hosting services, Infrenion.com saw its immense growth in web hosting industry and expanded its clientbase all over the globe, with establishing its presence in United Kingdom and United States of America. Infrenion.com has its servers physically located in United Kingdom serving the UK client base and United States for clients who are seeking for affordable hosting solutions.

Infrenion Networks is 100% debt free company with no intentions of selling any time in near future. We have been offering Quality, Professional and Cheap Web hosting to users all around the globe. Our affordable web hosting plans include Shared cPanel Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Managed Dedicated Servers, Cheap Domain Names, Cheap SSL Certificates, Ecommerce Web Hosting and much more -- almost everything that an online business demands!

While offering turnkey hosting and business solutions at the most economical and cheap hosting rates, we make sure our every customer is treated with an excellent level of service and support with a personal touch. We are proud to be few of those web hosting companies who maintain a rapid support response and resolution time of less than 15 minutes.

Network and Datacenters

Infrenion.com offers the most solid network foundation with servers hosted in world's best US and UK datacenters.

All our servers are Dual Quad Core Xeon processor servers with minimum 32GB of RAM and RAID mirrored drives. Believing to offer environment friendly web hosting, our servers are hosted in environment friendly Green Data centers in UK and USA.

Infrenion Best Datacenter

US and UK Datacenter locations

We have our servers located in state-of-art UK and USA datacenters.
Our US datacenter is a 160,000 sq. foot facility, located in Phoenix, Arizona. The datacenter is free from natural disasters and secured with several protocls of authentications such as Biometric, keycard, and pin security access. The Datacenter is protected using Camera monitoring systems with motion detection and Very early smoke detection alarms, High power density cabinets, N+2 power solutions and is SOC and HIPAA certified.

Our UK datacenter is located in Reading, United Kingdom. Deep in the heart of the Thames Valley sits our Tier 3+ aligned data centre -- a 50,000 square foot facility split over four data halls. Manned by our dedicated team of engineers and security staff 24/7/365, you can be certain your business critical data is in safe hands.
Our transit is supplied by Multiple Tier 1 providers and we have a large peering presence on both LINX LANs and LONAP.

Our core network leverages the powerful Juniper MX platform to interconnect our sites while our access network combines Juniper QFX virtual chassis fabrics and Juniper EX series switch stacks to ensure high availability.

Each rack within our QFX based access network has multiple 10Ggps uplinks as standard which provide resiliency and high bandwidth with low contention.

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Our Location

UAE :2-135, 02 Building, Dubai
India :Gajra Chambers, Nasik, MH
USA :1480 - Troy Hills Village, NJ

Our Phone & Live Chat

Sales & Billing: (888) 702-7866
Technical Support Live Chat : Click here

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24/7/365 Days
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Infrenion.com has emerged as the best web hosting company and has been rated as one of the Top Five Web Hosting Companies, hosting more than 80000 websites for customer's from all around the globe.

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